Song Il Kook’s Son Minguk Has a Wedding with His Kindergarten Classmate

Troy Yang, March 28, 2017, 8:26 a.m.

Song Il Kook’s son Song Minguk, the second child between the triplets who have gained fame as ‘Daehan, Minguk, and Manse’, just got married with a very cute wedding ceremony at his kindergarten! Actor Song Il Kook posted pictures of the wedding, showing Minguk with a girl from his class. Song Il Kook then wrote, ‘Minguk got married!!! He supposedly even went on a honeymoon hehehe. [The teacher said] he even asked his bride if she would be okay with giving birth to kids after they get married, since giving birth hurts a lot~ ^^; After I received the pictures from his teacher, I laughed for a while, even shedding tears! The kids are wonderful kids of course, but I find the teachers who cater to the kids just amazing. I once again felt it was the right decision to send our kids to Forest Kindergarten~’


The picture set shows an invitation written out to Minguk and his bride’s wedding on top of a red mailbox, with Minguk and his bride writing out their invitations by hand. The audience members were other classmates from his school, who watched the two exchange vows and go off to their honeymoon. What an awesome experience!

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