Song Ji Hyo becomes a drunk bride for 'Emergency Couple

LrgnNChrg, Jan. 23, 2014, 10:55 a.m.

The teasers for 'Emergency Couple' just keep getting better and better with still cuts of Song Ji Hyo as a drunk bride are released.

Song Ji Hyo appears to be wearing the same wedding dress she was spotted wearing with Choi Jin Hyuk, running the streets of Myeongdong in the video preview. Although the previous runaway bride-and-groom scene still cuts couldn't look any more romantic, these new set of still cuts leave fans wondering what could have possibly happened to ruin their wedding day.

A staff member commented, "Song Ji Hyo has completely fallen into her character, Oh Jin Hee. Despite the fact she hasn't slept for the last couple of nights, she is enjoying filming, readily taking on daring acts with all of her passion as an actress."

The drama will premiere on January 24!

If you've missed the teaser trailers for 'Emergency Couple', Check it out here.

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