Song Ji Hyo Freaks Out on Set of SBS’ “Running Man”

Paul Lee, Feb. 5, 2016, 11:39 a.m.

Song Ji Hyo began to cry uncontrollably during filming for SBS’ “Running Man”! The crew of “Running Man” were tasked with protecting their name tags in their daily lives, and the catch was that they had to be constantly vigilant since anyone could come and rip their name tag off.


A challenge that the members underwent was so horrifying that Song Ji Hyo had a ton of trouble going through with it. She began to cry as she screamed out, "Don't come close to me!" She later explained, "I don't think I can do it. I have to go home. I really think this is too much." To see what she was so afraid of, tune in on February 7th at 4:50 PM KST!


Cheon Seong-im (born 15 August 1981), better known by her stage name Song Ji-hyo is a South Korean actress, television presenter and model. She first made her acting debut in Wishing Stairs (2003), one of the films in the Whispering Corridors film series. Her notable roles include being the ballerina Min Hyo-rin in the popular television series Princess Hours (2006), Lady Ye So-ya in Jumong (2007), The Queen in A Frozen Flower (2008), Jo Min Joo in Detectives in Trouble (2011), Hong Da In in The Fugitive of Joseon (2013), Oh Jin-hee in Emergency Couple (2014) and Kim Soo-jin in Ex-Girlfriend Club (2015). Song gained international fame for being the only female member of the popular Korean variety show Running Man, which made her popularity rise across Asia. Her frank, easy-going personality endeared her to many Korean and international fans.

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