Song Ji Hyo Has Signed with New Agency ‘MY Company’

David Song, Dec. 1, 2016, 8:59 a.m.

Song Ji Hyo has just announced that she has signed with a brand new label! Her new agency ‘MY Company’ announced the news officially on December 1st by stating, ‘We have signed a contract with Song Ji Hyo.’ The label is a startup agency that is created by staff members who have been working with Song Ji Hyo for a long time now.


The agency ‘MY Company’ is actually an acronym, as the ‘MY’ stands for ‘Make You’, stating that they are a company created by both parties. The agency also released a public statement by saying, ‘We're honored to embark on a new start with Song Ji Hyo. We promise to provide a better, more diverse environment for Song Ji Hyo's promotions. We also look forward to growing together with our good partner.’

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