Song Joong Ki describes how happy he is having Song Hye Kyo beside him

Cari Pak, Nov. 3, 2017, 3 p.m.

Fashion magazine 'Marie Claire' recently shared their pictorial with newlywed groom Song Joong Ki for their October issue. The actor illustrated his charming aura in the black and white photo. During the interview, Song Joong Ki expressed his affection towards his wife, actress Song Hye Kyo. When asked if he was happy, the actor responded, "I'm extremely happy. Though I do feel a bit upset thinking about my past project, I don't regret it. Also, I am glad that I have made the most important decision of my life during this critical time. I am also happy that she is beside me. I am currently at my most blissful moment."

The Song-Song couple left for their honeymoon on November 2 and was most recently spotted in Spain. They are looking to settle down in Itaewon once they return to Korea.

In addition, stylist Han Hye Yeon revealed an unseen photo of the star couple holding hands at their ceremony. The caption read, "The world's most beautiful Song Song couple," and congratulated the two.

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