Song Joong-ki melts fans' hearts with pictorial

Chloe Park, May 17, 2016, 10:49 a.m.

Marie Claire revealed heart-throbbing pictures of Song Joong-ki at his photo shoot with the fashion magazine, on its official Instagram account on Monday, May 16. The caption read: “Joong-ki, your fans will get a heart attack if you smile so brightly. As we said yesterday, we will upload four of the pictures in our pictorial with Song Joong-ki beforehand!”

Two of the posts included a photograph of Song Joong-ki with a dog. With a huge smile on his face, Song Joong-ki sat with an adorable dog, who put his paws on the “Descendants” star’s lap as if to get attention. In another, he hugged the pet while posing with a beanie hat on his head.

As usual, Song Joong-ki perfectly pulled off the outfits he put on. His striped shirts, each from Kolon Sports and Series, looked perfect. In another, he looked stunning even in black and white, donning a dark gray hoodie and pin stripes shorts.

More photos of Song Joong-ki and an interview will be released on May 23 by Marie Claire Korea.

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