Song Joong Ki Sits Down for an Interview on “KBS News 9”

Nicholas Kim, March 31, 2016, 11:25 a.m.

Actor Song Joong-ki appeared on “KBS News 9,” one of the most-viewed news programs in Korea, on Wednesday evening. The 6-minute interview drew attention even days before the actual broadcast. The appearance was just as special for him, as it was the first time for a public service broadcaster to interview an actor on its main news program.

Below is a transcript from the interview:

Q: How do you feel about rising as the new global hallyu star?

A: First of all, I am quite embarrassed. I’m not sure if I deserved such a title, but I am certainly very happy these days.

Q: Are there any particular lines from the drama that were memorable?

A: On set, there was one that was something of a catchphrase. At the end of episode 3, I say “Then save him,” to doctor Kang before pulling out a gun. Many staff members loved the line, and thankfully many viewers liked it as well.

Q: There were even rumors about the actors being real-life couples. How well did you get along with each other while filming?

A: Our production team and the cast often have get-togethers. The rumors are often mentioned while drinking, but we simply take it as a proof of the drama’s popularity.

Q: If the two characters existed in real life, who would you be more attracted to? Kang Mo-yeon or Yoon Myung-joo

A: I didn’t expect such a question to be asked from KBS News 9! Well, as I worked together with Kang the most, I think I would choose her. ... She would probably be upset if I said otherwise.

Q: This is your first project since being discharged from the army. Did you go through any changes during your military service?

A: When I was in the army, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with many other soldiers. Even though most of them were much younger than me, I learned a lot from them. What I learned there influenced me quite positively, both as an actor and a human being.

Q: What kind of actor do you wish to be?

A: As an actor, my number one priority is the script. My role is to settle at the point where both the screenwriter and the audience can be satisfied. I wish to be an actor who melts into the background, not one who stands out on his own.

Q: Do you have any dreams that haven’t been fulfilled yet?

A: Some of you may already know, but I just fulfilled one right now. Back in the days, my dream was to be an anchor. Since I’m sitting here right now in the studio with the two famous announcers, I think I partly succeeded.

Q: Why do you not have any social network accounts?

A: The answer is quite simple. I am very bad at using machines and gadgets. 

Q: What is your determination as one of the most popular hallyu star?

A: I could have never made it to such a position without the help of many others. I think the effort and hard work of my predecessors, staff members, and fans have contributed to such a result. Thus, I do have a sense of responsibility. I want to live up to my reputation as a Korean citizen, actor, and person. I will try my best to be modest but confident at all times.

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