Song Joong Ki wasn’t Initially 1st Pick for Lead Role in ‘Descendants of the Sun’?

Anna Park, April 1, 2016, 11:19 a.m.

It’s been revealed that handsome actor Song Joong Ki, who has recently become a Hallyu phenomenon through his role in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, wasn’t actually considered for the lead role initially. In an interview with ‘Xinhua News Agency’, producer Lee Eung Bok of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ shared the story of how the lead role was eventually given to Song Joong Ki! 

He divulged, “When we were initially selecting the male leads, Song Joong Ki wasn’t one of the actors we were considering,” explaining that the talented actor wasn’t exactly the image they had imagined for the drama’s character. 

After sending several offers to other top actors, many had turned down the role due to their discomfort in filming the whole drama in pre-production, as well as their concerns for taking on a military-related role. Lee Eung Bok relayed, “When we began thinking that we should cast someone who is the opposite of the initial image we had in mind, Song Joong Ki had been discharged from his military service. He’s not only very handsome, but he also showed great interest in the script. I think Song Joong Ki’s brave personality and quick action is really translating well with the audience.”

It looks like the producer behind ‘Descendants of the Sun’ made the right choice!

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