Song Joong Ki's got the looks AND the brains!

Ashley Song, Aug. 2, 2016, 10:38 a.m.

Sisa Week, a Korean media outlet, released yesterday actor Song Joong-ki’s high school graduation photos. Song was not only good-looking but also excelled academically in high school. In its morning program called “Good Morning” last year, SBS had released Song’s high school report card.

Song had gotten “Soo” for each subject that he took. Korean report cards mark “Soo,” “Woo,” “Mi,” “Yang.” and “Ga.” Soo would be an equivalent of A in the American education system, while Woo would be B, Mi a C, Yang a D, and Ga an F. Song’s report card was filled with straight Soos -- which would be equivalent to a report card filled with straight A s in America. 

His class rankings are shown next to the letter Soo. In one semester, Song ranked 10th out of 200 students in three subjects, and ranked first in other three subjects.

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