Song Min Ho Imitates T.O.P. on "Radio Star"

James Ryu, April 12, 2017, 3:08 p.m.

Song Min Ho, a member of WINNER, went on MBC’s broadcast “Radio Star” on April 12th. The K-POP idol impersonated T.O.P., a prominent member of Big Bang, when Ho performed “BAE BAE” on the musical stage.

Song Min Ho began the act by noting “T.O.P’s biggest part is making his neck straight while he dances.” Ho then danced to a rhythmic beat, and it looked like T.O.P. was actually there performing the piece. Ho imitated gestures and facial expressions down to the dot, and the studio audience could not contain their laughter.

After his dance, Ho revealed photos of his past self. “I weighed about 200lbs. During vacation, I lost approximately 44lbs of weight.” The idol went on to mention that he went on sauna trips with Block B’s P.O. Ho shared a hilarious story about fainting from the fiery heat. “I fainted right next to P.O.” he said, explaining his lack of energy while dieting at a significant caloric deficit.  

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