Song Seung Hun and Ryu Hyun Jin donate 100 million KRW (96,000 USD) each to the Sewol relief efforts

michinGZB, April 21, 2014, 10:38 a.m.

It has been reported that actor Song Seung Hun and LA Dodgers' Ryu Hyun Jin both donated 100 million KRW (96,300 USD)each to the Sewol ferry rescue and relief efforts.

After the exclusive report stating the rumor that Song Seung Hun had donated a large sum, his agency rep confirmed on the 19th, "Song Seung Hun, who is currently overseas, donated 100 million KRW (96,300 USD) for the Sewol rescue workers and volunteers. He determined that this was the best way he could contribute in the relief efforts."

The actor had expressed his condolence as he previously tweeted on the 16th, "I am keeping up with what is happening with prayer but my heart hurts so much... I send my deep condolences to the sunken passenger ship in Jindo and for the missing... I pray that they may be found safe and sound."

In addition to the Song Seung Hun, Ryu Hyun Jin, currently over in the States, donated 100 million KRW (96,300 USD) as well yesterday to help in the way that he can.

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