South Korea Celebrates 60 Years Membership to World Bank

kpride, May 28, 2015, 10:55 a.m.

The World Bank will hold "Korea Week" in early June to mark the 60th anniversary of South Korea joining the international financial institution, the finance ministry said Thursday. The five-day event will kick off Monday in the Songdo district in Incheon, with some 200 officials from South Korea, Tunisia and the Philippines, as well as the World Bank, to be on hand to take part in various programs.

The finance ministry, which is co-hosting the gathering, said discussions will be held on the areas of information, communication and technology; climate change; and urban development. Officials and experts will also touch on trust funds that South Korea invests in and how these assets can be managed in the future.

In addition, representatives from World Bank member states and policymakers are expected to exchange views on measures aimed at promoting small and medium enterprises, and public-private partnerships. The World Bank said it will establish a venue that can allow South Korean students to explore job opportunities in the global institution. "The Korea Week will permit Seoul to share its economic development experience with others and help strengthen its long-standing ties with the World Bank," the ministry said.

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