South Korea Deploys New Homemade Multi Rocket Launch System

D-Bo , Aug. 4, 2015, 9:34 a.m.

South Korea has started deploying the newly developed multiple launch rocket system to better counter North Korea's long-range artillery threats, the defense quality management agency said Tuesday. Since last year, the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality put the finishing touches on the wheeled multiple rocket launcher and performed quality tests before deploying the artillery for combat use, the agency said.

The project to develop the rocket launcher, nicknamed "Chunmoo," was conceived in 2009 to replace the Army's aging K136 Kooryong MLRS on a budget of 131.4 billion won (US$112.8 million). It will first be distributed to artillery brigades near the border with North Korea and then deployed on the northwestern frontline islands next year as the main weapon "to incapacitate North Korea's long-range artillery," DATQ said in a statement.

Composed of movable launchers and a wheeled ammunition carrier, Chunmoo is capable of hitting targets 80 kilometers away, a range that is twice that of the outgoing launcher.The multiple launcher can fire 239-millimeter guided projectiles as well as unguided projectiles of 227 mm and 130 mm, with enough firepower to devastate a target as large as three soccer fields combined in one round, according to the statement.

"With a range twice that of the Kooryong currently in operation, it could hit the starting point of North Korea's provocation and backing forces outside of range for North Korea's long-range artillery," a DATQ official said. The deployment will dramatically improve the anti-artillery combat readiness of our military's border-area artillery brigades including those on the northwestern front-line islands," a military official added.


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