South Korea Holds Anti-Terror Exercises

John Kim, Feb. 24, 2016, 8:33 a.m.

South Korea conducted a joint anti-terror exercise involving the military, police and firefighters on Wednesday as the government recently warned of possible terror attacks by North Korea. Some 150 forces from the Army's Capital Defense Command, the police's emergency strike force and the firefighting agency joined the drill, intended to boost their capability to suppress a terrorist attack occurring at a public place.

The exercise was conducted based on the scenario of a North Korea-related terrorist attack on the subway network in Seoul. "The latest exercise was designed to help the private and the public sectors as well as the military and the police attain proficiency in intercepting any emergency terror attack situation," the Joint Chief of Staff said in a statement.

JCS Commander Gen. Lee Sun-jin supervised the anti-terror drill from the command and control center of Capital Defense Command. The capital command in charge of defending Seoul is directly commanded by South Korea's president even after the control of local troops is transferred to the U.S. in the event of war under the current terms of the alliance.

"If a North Korea-led terrorist attack takes place, the military will suppress it at the very spot and react with organized, pre-planned, stern retaliation," the JCS chief said. On Friday, President Park Geun-hye warned of possible terror or cyberattacks by North Korea. "New types of threats such as terror (attacks), cyberattacks or biological weapons could occur anywhere," Park said in a meeting with mayors and governors.

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