South Korea Implement Undercover Police to Monitor Traffic Violations

David Lee, Jan. 6, 2016, 8:49 a.m.

South Korea has announced that they will begin using undercover police to monitor traffic violations. Police officials announced that they will crack down on any acts of unsafe driving, and any violations of traffic law. Undercover monitoring will be adopted as a normal procedure.

Through the intensive control, police plan to ticket offenders that disobey the rules, such as cars driving on the shoulder of the road, reckless driving, and aggressively driving on purpose to trouble other drivers.

After calculating the demand, finances and equipment needed, a test run of the new plan will take place. Through online and offline surveys, the police plan to gather the thoughts of citizens in case the public opposes the idea.

Police officials comment that 24 countries among the OECD members have already adopted the method. They hope to get the support of the public through the trial period.

Officials selected five behaviors that should be monitored based on a survey conducted on 11,987 citizens, experts and police in December 2015. The five acts were running lights, cutting in, motorcycles driving on the sidewalk, ‘tail-biting’ (when a car forces its way through even when the lights have changed) and violating designated lines.

Enhanced enforcement related to drunken driving will take place all year. ‘Spot crackdowns’, in which police change their location every 30 minutes to show their presence, will continue to be conducted.

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