South Korea to Take Lead in Military Drills in 2017

David Lee, Oct. 6, 2015, 8:55 a.m.

South Korea military will take the lead in 2017 in military drills with the U.S. that practice paralyzing the command center and key communications facilities in North Korea. The exercises will be staged under a new operational plan for the combined U.S. and South Korean forces, which involves preemptive strikes on North Korean nuclear, missile and others weapons of mass destruction facilities. 

Seoul is to take the lead in the drills to prepare for the handover of wartime operational control of South Korean forces to Seoul. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman designate Lee Sun-jin made the announcement in his confirmation hearing Monday. He said the two allies in June signed off on the new operational plan, dubbed OPLAN 5015 and outlining strategy in a full-scale war with North Korea.

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