South Korea Tries To Bring In Chinese Tourism

Bae Bae Bae, Aug. 25, 2015, 11:32 a.m.

 Ever since South Korea has been hit by the MERS virus, it has increased efforts to bring in Chinese tourism.

Kim Chong, South Korea’s vice minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, held an event in Beijing with delegates from Chinese tourism companies.

Kim also had a discussion with Li Jinzao, chairman of the China National Tourism Administration.

Kim explained to Li during the event,” South Korea is making efforts to develop premium tour packages, not low-cost tour packages, while impriving the quality of its tourism service.”

The event makes it possible for South Korean tour companies to promote their tour packages ahead of China’s national holiday, which is in early October.

Throughout the event, Huizhou Municipal Central Hospital in Guangdong, which cared for a South Korean man who was infected with the virus, received a plaque from Kim.

The medical staff of the Chinese hospital to South Korea was also invited.

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