South Korean Actor Choi Sung Won Diagnosed with Acute Leukemia

Kyung Ho Kim, May 9, 2016, 8:46 a.m.

South Korean actor Choi Sung Woo has been diagnosed with acute leukemia.  Choi Min Woo, better known by his stage name Choi Sung-won, is a South Korean actor. He started gaining recognition through his role in the Korean drama Reply 1988 (2015), a third installment of the Reply series by tvN.  The star was cast in JTBC’s Mirror of the Witch, but will be unable to continue. 

JTBC released this statement:

This is the JTBC 'Mirror of the Witch' production Apollo Pictures and Drama House. Actor Choi Sung Won will be leaving the drama. He was originally planned to star on the show as Dong Rae, but on the 4th, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. He will be focusing on his treatment and will be leaving the show.

He received a minor injury during filming, but realized that his recovery was slow and that his body was not as normal. After a check-up, he was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Acute leukemia treatment has a higher rate when treatment starts early on. Because Choi Sung Won's case was discovered in the early stages, the doctor said a fully recovery through treatment was possible. Since the actor's health is more important than anything else, he decided to leave to focus on his treatment.

Choi Sung Won was more passionate about filming than anyone else, and he loved the drama a lot. However, he believed that he should not bring harm to the drama, and the staff also believed that he must focus on his treatment. Since he was one of the leading actors, the staff are disappointed, but decided to respect his actions because his recovery is the top priority.

We thank Choi Sung Won for all the passion he showed us, and we ask fans to show support so he can recover quickly.

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