South Korean Comedian Lee Kyung Sil’s Husband Sentenced to 10 Months For Sexual Harassment

Kyung Ho Kim, Feb. 4, 2016, 10:24 a.m.

A local court on Thursday sentenced the husband of a famous South Korean comedienne to 10 months in jail for sexually harassing an acquaintance's wife. The Seoul Western District Court also ordered that Lee Kyung-sil's spouse, identified only by his surname Choi, receive 40 hours of anti-sexual violence education.

The 58-year-old was indicted on charges of harassing the victim in the backseat of his car after they had a few drinks with a group in August. The court did not accept Choi's claim that his judgment was impaired because he had been drinking heavily.

Considering that Choi moved from the front passenger seat to next to the victim and that he asked the chauffeur to change the destination to a hotel, he did not seem to have lost his judgment, the court said.

"His crime was grave in that he harassed the spouse of a person who he has known for about 10 years, in a running vehicle at night, and he inflicted secondary damage to the victim in the course of the investigation and trial by denouncing her as an immoral person," the court said.

According to the justice department, the defendant called the victim at dawn and cursed at her when the issue came up. He also sent a text message to the victim's husband using swear words.

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