South Korean Historic Uirimji Reservoir Overrun with Pollution

kpride, Aug. 18, 2015, 8:25 a.m.

With soaring pollution levels at the Uirimji Reservoir, a vestige of the Samhan period of Korean history, plans are in place to intervene in a bid to ensure the historic site’s protection. To preserve the reservoir, excessive fishing and garbage disposal will be regulated. Fishing using paste bait, using more than four fishing poles per person and using more than five hooks on one fishing pole will be subject to control. Also, other acts that pollute the water including illegal waste dumping will be regulated.

The local government will set up a notice board and promote the new regulations until the end of this month. A full-fledged crackdown will start from September 1. Those who violate the rules will be subject to fines of up to 1,000,000 won.

Jecheon’s Uirimji Reservoir is one of the oldest reservoirs in Korea, along with Gimje’s Byeokgolje Reservoir and Susanje Reservoir in Miryang. The reservoirs were constructed during the Samhan period, when the confederacies of Mahan, Jinhan and Byunhan established a federation. It is also famous for a 30-meter tall natural waterfall, a pine tree that is hundreds of years old, and pavilions nearby.

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