South Korean Lady Adopts Over 400 Stray Dogs

luvsmiling, May 21, 2015, 12:44 p.m.

A South Korean woman was recently featured on SBS’s “Capture the Moment – How is that Possible, where she has adopted and cares for over 400 stray dogs.  Kim Gye Young, age 50, currently lives with and takes care of over 400 adopted dogs. Not only does she take care of each dog according to its individual needs, she also remembers the name of each dog under her care.

What’s more, the dogs are separated into separate rooms according to their personalities, including the “super power room,” the “gentle room,” and the “happy room.” The facilities have both heating and cooling, and there is even a special dry room that is used to dry the fur of dogs who have just had a bath. Ms. Kim’s dogs also eat a balanced diet consisting of chicken breast and vegetables, as well as several other nutritious ingredients. Because of her loving care, the dogs who live with her are both happy and healthy.

It is more than just a love of dogs that led Ms. Kim to care for more than 400 strays, however. Once a promising track star, she suffered an injury that led her to give up on her dreams. Then, one day, Ms. Kim saw a dog whose leg had been injured in a traffic accident on the side of the road, and the image reminded her of her own injury. After beginning with just one, Ms. Kim began taking on more dogs one at a time until she ended up with over 400.

According to Ms. Kim, “I hope that all the dogs who get healthy are able to move on to new, loving families.”


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