South Korean Lawmakers Gift North Korea with Wreath in Honor of Kim Jong Il Death

luvsmiling, Dec. 17, 2014, 2:16 p.m.

Park Jie-won of the main opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy visited North Korea on Tuesday to deliver a wreath commemorating the third anniversary of the death of North Korea's late leader Kim Jong-il.  Park was accompanied by Cho Kun-shik, CEO of Hyundai Asan, which used to operate package tours to the North's scenic Mt. Kumgang.

The two met with Won Tong-yon, a ranking member of the Asia-Pacific Peace Committee, which handles inter-Korean affairs, at the joint Kaesong Industrial Complex.  "I got the impression that North Korea has a strong will for dialogue," Park told reporters. He added the North wants the South to stop flying propaganda leaflets across the border in order to "rebuild trust." 

"Won said he hopes that the South and the North will promote reconciliation and cooperation next year, when they celebrate the 15th anniversary of the June 15 Declaration."  He was referring to a landmark agreement on rapprochement between former President Kim Dae-jung and then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-il during their summit in 2000.  Cho told reporters that the North hopes for cross-border tensions to ease next year.

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