South Korean military to buy two more anti-ballistic missile radars

Andrew Park, April 25, 2017, 9:23 a.m.

South Korea said Tuesday it has decided to purchase two advanced early warning radars on incoming ballistic missiles as North Korea's threats have grown.

The plan was approved at a regular meeting on arms procurement projects presided over by Defense Minister Han Min-koo, according to the Defense Acquisition Program Agency (DAPA).

It plans to import the radars in the project starting within this year.

The South Korean military has two Israel-made Green Pine land-based radars in operation. It is seeking to acquire radars with the maximum range of more than 800 kilometers to better detect ballistic missiles fired by the North.

Initially, the defense authorities earmarked budget for the purchase of one more radar. But they have revised a mid-term defense plan to buy two more.

South Korea is in the process of establishing the so-called Korea Air and Missile Defense system.

The DAPA also said it will push for the production of special ships to support an operation by commandos to remove the enemy's leadership, while continuing the development of indigenous ship self-defense guided missiles. 

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