South Korean Movie Assassination Becomes 10 Most Viewed Korean Film

luvsmiling, Aug. 23, 2015, 10:43 a.m.

A domestic action film featuring colonial-era assassination attempts by Korean independence fighters rose to 10th place on the list of all-time most viewed Korean films, knocking "The Attorney" (2013) down one notch, according to data from the official market tracker Sunday.

"Assassination" had drawn 11.39 million moviegoers by Saturday, surpassing the 11.37 million record set by "The Attorney," according to computerized box-office figures from the Korean Film Council.

"Assassination" became the 10th most popular homegrown film, following "Roaring Currents" (17.61 million), "Ode to My Father" (14.25 million)," "The Host" (13.01 million), "The Thieves" (12.98 million), "Miracle in Cell No. 7" (12.81 million), "Gwanghae: the Man Who Became the King" (12.31 million), "The King and the Clown" (12.30 million), "Taegukgi" (11.74 million) and "Haeundae" (11.45 million).

Set in Shanghai and Seoul in the 1930s, when Korea was a colony of Japan, the star-studded film tells the story of three Korean independence fighters teaming up to assassinate the commander of the Japanese troops in Korea and a Korean business tycoon with ties to Japan. Among the actors in the leading roles are Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae and Ha Jung-woo.

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