South Korean Police Search for Vietnamese Who Breeched Security at Incheon Airport

John Kim, Feb. 1, 2016, 1:23 p.m.

Police are searching for a 25-year-old Vietnamese traveler who sneaked through security at Incheon International Airport on Friday. Police suspect he has sought refuge in Gimhae, South Gyeongsang Province, which is home to a large Vietnamese community. A Justice Ministry official on Sunday said, "We have sent investigators to areas with a large Vietnamese community in order to determine his whereabouts."

Immigration authorities believe the man had help sneaking through customs either from another Vietnamese resident here or a broker.
The man forced open an automated immigration gate early Friday and left the airport. An alarm went off, but the official who should have been watching over the gate was not at his post. It took the man just two minutes to get out of the airport.


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