South Korean Siblings Arrested For Attempted Murder on Father

luvsmiling, May 6, 2015, 5:04 p.m.

A South Korean pair of brother sister siblings have been arrested on charges on attempted murder on their father.  According to reports, back on May 1, the siblings knocked out their father using a stun gun and then sprayed his face with gas. The two then proceeded to assault their father with a wooden stick and an iron bar, attempting to end his life. 

The reports also revealed that their mother was initially a part of the sinister plot, but it was later found out that the mother was the one that put a halt to their assault. It was also revealed that the mother was the one who called the police on her son for domestic violence. 

Though the mother denied any affiliation with the assault, the brother and sister both testified and claimed that the mother was the one to have instructed the siblings to carry out the murder. Currently, the father is in the hospital receiving treatment and it was reported that he has not received any life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, the mother, daughter, and son have all been arrested and charged with attempted murder.


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