South Korean Taxi Driver Receives 3 Years for Sexually Assaulting Mentally Disabled Passenger

David Lee, April 24, 2016, 11:23 a.m.

A taxi driver who sexually assaulted a mentally disabled female passenger was sentenced to three years in prison Sunday by the appeals court, a year shorter than the original sentence of four years.

According to the Daegu high court, the driver, who is in his 60s, sexually assaulted his passenger in her 20s after realizing her condition when she failed to clearly state her destination. She had a second-degree mental disability, the second most severe category. 

People in the second-degree category have an IQ of between 35 and 50 and can do simple everyday tasks and unskilled jobs provided sufficient training and assistance. 

He drove her to an unpopulated area in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, where he used intimidation to force the victim into performing sexual acts. 

The appeals court cut the original four-year prison term by a year after taking into consideration that the man deeply regretted his actions, had no previous criminal record and had agreed on a settlement with the victim.

He will also undergo an 80-hour rehabilitation program, while his personal information will be made available to the public for five years at sex offender alert webpage ( upon searching his name. 


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