South Korean Top 30 Conglomerates Create 8,200 Jobs

luvsmiling, Aug. 24, 2015, 8:01 a.m.

Korea's top 30 businesses added just over 8,200 people to their workforce in the first six months of the year. Market tracker CEO Score says that the conglomerates' 253 subsidiaries employed just over 1 million people as of the end of June. That is an increase of less than one percent. Conglomerates in the shipping, construction and steel industries laid off workers due to dire business conditions and restructuring.

Samsung still had the biggest staff with over 230,000, followed by Hyundai. Also in the top five were LG, Lotte and SK. The top five employ a total of over 610,000 workers -- or 61 percent of all staff at the top 30. There is some hope that the figure could rise in the latter half of the year. Samsung is scheduled to hire 30,000 workers over the next two years, and Hyundai 10,000 this year.

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