Speculations Arise Regarding Resemblance Between IU & Her Character on 'Producer'

thekatsmeow, May 27, 2015, 10:15 a.m.

On KBS's newest popular drama 'Producer', singer/actress IU takes on the role of Cindy, a young, cold, and unfriendly singer who keeps to herself and bosses around her meek manager. The show has been praised for realistically portraying the events that occur behind-the-scenes of variety shows in the entertainment industry.

Maybe due to IU's amazing acting chops, viewers have been speculating that perhaps the characters of Cindy and her manager are based off of IU herself, as well as the people who work around her. Despite these speculations, IU's real manager, LOEN Entertainment's Park Jung Hyun, refuted these claims, stating, "It seems like they're trying to portray the events comically for the viewers and purpose of the drama. I've been really enjoying the show!"

IU and her manager go a long way back, as the two have been on the road together since the beginning of IU's career. Park Jung Hyun further shared, "IU is a friendly person, and she's worked with the same staff for a long time. She has never barked orders at others like the character Cindy." 

In the very first episode of the drama, viewers may recall a hilarious scene in which Cindy tells her manager to leave the room because of his loud breathing. The meek manager apologizes and hurriedly leaves the room. In regards to this specific scene, IU's manager commented, "It made me laugh because it was so hilarious!" He wrapped up his commentary by stating, "Ever since the day IU debuted, she has never changed her manager, her stylists, or her make-up artists," proving that IU is a down-to-Earth, easy-to-work-with type of gal!

Make sure to catch 'Producer' on KBS2 every Friday and Saturday at 9:15 PM KST!

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