SPEED Releases Special Fan Music Video ‘Baby U’

luvsmiling, June 25, 2015, 12:33 p.m.

K pop boy group SPEED has released a special music video titled ‘Baby U’.  The MV is supposed to be a special gift to fans.  The music video was directed by Sejun and has fans' hearts warmed up, lips smiling, and bodies swaying back and forth.  The track is immensely soothing and sweet as they say they're your man and say you are like a gift to them.

SPEED is a South Korean idol group from MBK Entertainment, formerly known as Core Contents Media. It consists of all male members: the original two Jungwoo (formerly known as 'Yoosung') and Sungmin, as well as the five following additions of Jongkook in 2011, Sejun, Yuhwan, and Taeha in 2012, and KI-O in 2015.

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