SPICA Gets Featured in “GEEK” Magazine Photoshoot for Comeback

Ben Cho, June 29, 2016, 8:21 a.m.

SPICA is preparing to make their comeback this summer, and they slowed it down for a bit to be featured in a photoshoot with “GEEK” magazine! In the interview, the members gave their thoughts on their comeback. Sihyun discussed Lee Hyori’s advice to her, sharing "We went to Jeju island with our new song, and [Hyori] unnie said, 'Make sure to have a clear concept with this comeback. And work hard, as hard as how long you've been resting.'"


In regards to preparing their album, Narae commented "I want to consider the completeness of the song the most important. I'm trying to see the big picture in terms of how the team members and I will paint the performance." Check out the full SPICA photoshoot in the July issue of “GEEK” magazine!

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