SPICA's Bohyung wins '100 Seconds War' and keeps her pledge by doing the bikini walk

No1uKnow, June 11, 2014, 10:38 a.m.

Girl group SPICA's lead vocal Bohyung swept the crowd by storm with her amazing rendition of classic "Pierrot Smiles At Us" on the second episode of Mnet's new competitive singing program '100 Seconds War'. 'The audience clearly seemed to have gotten the chills as soon as she began singing as they started looking around and whispering in curiousity of who the singer behind the veil.

For the first 100 seconds, she remained hidden so that audience can solely be judged on her voice without any distraction of the singer's appearance or identity. After the 100 seconds, when she was revealed, audience cheered in applauded louder as if they were giving her their approval on her talent. 

Kim Bohyung competed against other talented artists such as Go Yoo Jin, Lee Eun Ha, Park Sang Min, Young Ji, Geum Jan Di, and Skull and came out as the victor for the episode, stunning the crowd with her voice. 

She also made good on her pledge she made as she mentioned that SPICA has never won #1 before, so if she gets crowned as the winner on this show, she'd walk the streets in a bikini. When the idol was asked if she would fulfill this promise, and she remarked that she would sometime this month!

Well, she kept the promse. Mnet’s official Twitter uploaded images of the singer at Seoul’s Cheongyecheon on June 11. She is wearing a bikini and carrying a picket sign that reads, “All vocals are equal before the public- SPICA Kim Bohyung- ’100 Seconds’ second winner.”

You can check out her winning performance that earned her the right to strut her hotself on the streets of Seoul, proudly!!!

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