[SPOILER] Identity of 'Omae, Put on Fall Foliage' Revealed to be Female Idol!

June Kang, Sept. 28, 2015, 11:59 a.m.

On the September 27th episode of 'King of Mask Singer', the singer behind the identity 'Omae, Put on Fall Foliage' was revealed! In the second round battle against 'The Bright Full Moon', 'Omae, Put on Fall Foliage' sang Kim Jong Seo's (one of the panelists) 'Beautiful Restriction', but unfortunately lost to their competitor, forcing them to reveal their identity.

When the mask came off, the audience as well as the panel of judges were shocked to see that the singer behind the 'Fall Foliage' mask was AOA's main vocalist Choa! Viewers were pleasantly surprised to find that despite AOA's visually-driven concept, Choa defended her position as "lead vocalist" with her charming voice.

Panelist Kim Seung Joo commented that many people may tend to forget that Choa is the main vocalist of AOA due to her frequent appearances on variety shows. Choa agreed with this sentiment, sharing, "A lot of people are unaware that I'm the main vocalist."

Panelist and oringal singer of 'Beautiful Restriction' Kim Jong Seo praised Choa, stating that she "overwhelmed" him with her performance!

Did you know that Choa had such a great voice? Check out the clips of Choa on 'King of Mask Singer' below, here on Koogle TV!

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