[SPORTS] 16-Year-Old Lydia Ko Wins Trophy in Taiwan

D-Bo, Dec. 9, 2013, 11:50 a.m.

Lydia Ko won the KLPGA-sanctioned Swinging Skirts World Ladies Master this Sunday in Taiwan! This 16 year old Korean-New Zealand wonder is on her way to the top! Although she has only turned pro a few months ago, Ko has been doing a phenomenal job holding off some key players in women’s golf.

Ko blasted through all 3 rounds, and finished the event at 11-under, claiming her trophy as the winner. Her winnings during this match resulted in the first trophy she has earned since she became pro back in October. Competing against other pros such as Korea’s Park In-bee and Ryu So-yeon, as well as Taiwan’s Yani Tseng, Ko made sure to keep her calm and put all signs of nervousness aside.

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