[SPORTS] Another Victory for Kim Yu-na, Scoring Over 200 points

D-Bo, Dec. 9, 2013, 12:01 p.m.

After much practice and hard work, Kim Yu-na has won the Golden Spin of Zagreb on Saturday in Croatia.  Although the event will not directly advance her with the International Skating Union, her 204.49 points have sure done a great job boosting her self-confidence.

Kim earned a total of 73.37 points in the short program, and another 131.12 in the free skate. Kim did make a number of mistakes during her skate, such as falling on a job, or having her hand touch the ice balancing herself. Even with these small hiccups, she was still able to take home first price that day.

Kim now just has a bit of clean up to do before heading to Russia for the Winter Games. "I'm generally satisfied, despite a few disappointments. I will try to be perfect [at the Olympics] by working on improving my physical strength over the remaining two months," she responded reporters after her victory.

Coming in second place with 176.82 points was Miki Ando. Given birth 5 months prior to returning to competitive figure skating, the Japanese star has so far made a strong comeback to the sport.

Mao Asada, Kim’s archrival, also won the ISU Grand Prix Final in Japan this past Saturday. With 20.02 points, this marks Asada’s second straight GP Final title, as well as the 4th in her career. The only other competing with that number is Russia’s Irina Slutskaya.

Although Asada was unable to complete a triple axel, in 3 attempts, she still brought home over 200 points in all 3 of the competitions that she has engaged in this season.

Both Kim and Asada have made statements that they plan on retiring after the competition in Sochi takes place.

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