[SPORTS] Can Ryu Hyun Jin make rookie of the year, after losing to the Diamondbacks?

D-Bo, Sept. 13, 2013, 12:53 p.m.

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks, as Ryu struggled in his first start in 12 days.  He gave up ten hits and three runs over six inning stretch.  Ryu has 13 wins and 6 losses; however his ERA climbed from 3.02 to 3.07

Since joining the Dodgers, Ryu has pitched 173 innings, receiving a $250,000.00 bonus.  Furthermore, Ryu will receive a $250,000.00 bonus for every additional 10 innings.  The Dodgers are 6 victories away from winning the West Division of the National League. 

Many believe that Ryu is a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year, however the recent 3 losses in the last 4 games may have an impact on that outcome.  Another player in contention for Rookie of the Year is Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins.  

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