[SPORTS] F1 Machines Arrive to Korea Ahead of GP

Jimmy Pak, Oct. 2, 2013, 11:59 a.m.

Just days ahead of the Formula One Korean Grand Prix in Yeongam, the machines and car parts arrived in Korea on Tuesday in preparation for the big race on Sunday. The drivers will begin competing for pole position starting from Friday.

Germany's Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing hopes to clinch his third straight victory on the Yeongam Race circuit.  Vettel, current reigning F1 champion and fighting for the title as Yeongam enters its fourth season of F1 battles. 

Vettel has already established a commanding lead in the driver's point race this season with 247 points. Spain's Fernando Alonso is second with 187 and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton is third with 151.  Do not miss out on the exciting action!

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