[SPORTS] Park In-bee – Player of the Year

D-Bo, Nov. 26, 2013, 10:56 a.m.

On Friday, Park In-bee received the Player of the Year award from LPGA at the Ritz Carlton Golf Resort, in Naples Florida. The ceremony took place to honor top players on the tour.  Park has kept her grasp on the women’s world #1 rank for her 3rd year in a row now.

Dressed in a delightful royal blue dress, Park gave a 10 minute acceptance speech, in which she spoke about her achievements, and also thanked friends and family for their amazing support.  "As soon as happiness became my goal, I had my best season ever," Park said. She made sure to mention the fact that she reminds herself that her goal is not to win, but to enjoy the competition. This thought allows her to really try her best at the game, instead of playing to win!

Park made sure to give a special thank you to Stacy Lewis and Suzann Pettersen, who have assisted her competitive mindset with their healthy rivalry. Out of all the names mentioned, that of Nam Ki-hyeob was the most important to her. Nam is both her swing coach, as well as her fiancé.  After following her to the U.S. years ago to help rediscover her passion for the game, Park and Nam have only become closer since. The two plan on marrying in Korea next year.

Park currently leads the LPGA’s Tour money list with $2.39 million! If park wins the season, and beat’s the list’s #2 leader, Peterson ($2.28 million), and #3 Lewis ($1.89 million), she will then hold the title of “Top Earner” for the second year in a row.

With an award prize of $700,000, Park can still lose the title if she isn’t careful and allows either Petersen or Lewis to take the tournament.

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