STELLAR Holds Successful Crowd Funding Campaign To Help Produce New Album

Hyo Jin Lee, Feb. 6, 2016, 12:42 p.m.

K pop girll group STELLAR is conducting a successful crowd funding campaign for their upcoming album.  The girls used crowd funding platform makestar in order to raise the money for this specific project, and donors can contribute anywhere between 1000~1 million KRW. The reward for donating 1,000 KRW is a 'thank you' email while the rewards for donating 1 million KRW are noticeably more bountiful, including a 'thank you' email, a certificate of sponsorship acknowledging that you supported the girls, music files, autographed albums, never-before-seen, autographed polaroid photos, a kiss-marked message, a signed CD, and the most unique of all, which is a 'morning call' audio file that directly addresses the name of whoever made a donation and a meal with Stellar. 

Stellar's initial goal was to raise 10 million KRW ($8,418 USD) but they have already surpassed over 300% of their original goal, having raised 34 million KRW (~$28,191 USD)! This funding currently has a total of 447 supporters and that number is likely to grow until the funding officially closes on February 14. You can help fund the project here.

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