Stylist Yang Seung Ho Being Investigated for Drug Abuse

Paul Lee, April 11, 2016, 10:28 a.m.

A stylist who is in their 20’s is currently being investigated under the charges of drug abuse, and it is becoming a bigger issue with every passing day. The stylist Yang Seung Ho aka XIN who has worked at YG Entertainment, and was very close to other idols. The stylist was caught for marijuana and cocaine usage from 2015 until last year.


The prosecution initially wanted to investigate the stylish after detaining him, but the court dismissed the detainment request since there was no way that XIN could get rid of any evidence. The prosecution will be further investigating XIN and they will be making another judgment on whether to detain the star or not.


Since XIN is so close to the other idol stars and featured very often on TV shows as their stylist, the investigation may begin to include other idols as it goes on.

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