Suho graces the cover of 'Grazia' magazine!

Yumi Kim , March 18, 2019, 11:38 a.m.

EXO's Suho took on a hot and sexy photoshoot with 'Grazia' magazine. The idol wore various suits and rocked 'Bulgari' accessories while maturingly posed for the camera. During the interview with the magazine, EXO spoke about his love for his group. He said, "The center of my life is EXO. I want to act so I'm in musicals and movies, but nothing will change the fact that I'm an EXO member. I believe that I'm invited to international fashion brands' overseas events and that I'm recognized overseas because I'm EXO's Suho. Because of that, I have to put EXO at my life's core."

Check out the stunning images of Suho down below! 

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