Suhyun faked having a boyfriend to get back at her overprotective brother Chanhyuk

Vivian Kang, March 15, 2017, 3:44 p.m.

On March 15th, Akdong Musician siblings Suhyun and Changhyuk guested on 'Radio Star', where Suhyun shared about a time she lied about having a boyfriend to her overprotective brother Chanhyuk.

She explained, "Since it's my last year as a teenager, I often say that it's time for me to get a boyfriend. Because of that, I feel like my brother is watching me carefully. One day, I had to talk to Chanhyuk about something so I called him over.

He kept asking, "Why? Did you get a boyfriend? You have a boyfriend, right? Ah, so you got a boyfriend. He was so annoying I got mad and just said "Yeah, I have a boyfriend." Oppa looked so shocked. He sat down and lectured me for 2 hours. He even asked me how far I went with him!"

Chanhyuk added, "I asked if they held hands, and if not when they are going to. She said they already have. I also asked how many times they met and she said once."

Suhyun, on the other hand, claimed that she's not really concerned about her brother's love life. On the contrary, she wants her brother to be in love because that means he'll be inspired to write more quality music.

All in all, Chanhyuk explained that he's supportive of Suhyun's love life and encourages her to date. However, he does want her to meet someone nice since it'll be her first love. He claimed another reason why he's so protective is that their parents are not with them in Korea.

Watch the segment below!

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