Sulli calls boyfriend Choiza her 'love' and 'treasure'

Chloe Park, April 8, 2016, 10:50 a.m.

Sulli, a former member of girl group f(x), revealed six photos taken with her boyfriend, Choiza of Dynamic Duo on Friday to her official Instagram account. She also added some comments with some of the pictures, such as “My love” and “Treasure.”

In some of the photos, the two wear face masks to hide their identities while they are on a date. In another photo, the 22-year-old singer-turned-actress is kissing her boyfriend. 

Their romantic relationship was first revealed to public in 2013 when black box footage of someone’s car was unveiled, showing them holding hands together while walking on the street.

At first they denied their relationship, but in August 2014, they publicly acknowledged it.

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