Sulli Is Now Officially in a Relationship with Brand Director Kim Min Jun

Ben Cho, May 10, 2017, 8:30 a.m.

Sulli confirmed that she is dating brand director Kim Min-joon on Wednesday. “Sulli and Kim Min-joon recently began growing feelings for each other. Since Kim is a non-celebrity, we’re worried about the effects that could bring on him,” Her agency S.M. Entertainment said. “The two have been building on their relationship through their common artistic interests.” 


Earlier in the day, some local media reports said the artist has been dating Kim for two months. 

“Sulli and Kim recently became more than friends. The couple has been spotted enjoying dates in public around Itaewon, Seoul several times,” the report said. Kim, 33, is a member of hip-hop crew 360 Sounds. He is the general manager of hip-hop crew 360 Sounds. He has also launched restaurants and furniture and bag brands.

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