Sunhwa shares surprise ending details for ‘God’s Gift – 14 Days’

Richard Parker, April 28, 2014, 11:40 a.m.

‘God’s Gift -14 Days’ ending shocked viewers and fans worldwide as well as the cast.  Actress Sunhaw had an interview with TV Report.  During the interview she was asked to talk about the ending of the drama.  Sunwha said, "I liked the ending because it was so fresh. The ending wasn't in the script. The last part of the script was empty. I only knew the ending by watching the episode. I didn't know who the criminal was, either, but everyone around me kept asking me to tell them. So I just told them, 'I don't know, either. Just watch'."

Sunwha plays the role of Jenny, a girl in charge of seducing whoever was convenient for her to get her group’s way.  Her character, although rough on the outside, shows a sweet and dedicated characteristic to the main character.

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