Sunhwa's Post Causes Rumors of Bad Blood Amongst SECRET Members

Sensitive Artist, June 26, 2015, 10:31 a.m.

Although SECRET's Hyosung tried to clear up the misconceptions of bad blood between fellow SECRET members Sunhwa and Hana in her most recent appearance on "Radio Star", Sunhwa's latest tweet has yet again gotten fans confused and trying to decipher what she really means.

For those that remember, Hyosung said on the show, "Sunhwa wrote what she wrote not to [target] Hana but because she thought people might misunderstand her drinking habit." She then went on to say that the members had a close relationship.

After "Radio Star" aired, Sunhwa posted a few ambiguous words on Twitter saying what some are saying is in response to what Hyosung said on the show. Sunhwa's tweet read, "I was falling asleep but awake now... That's not what it is." 

This led fans to wonder whether or not Sunhwa pointed out what Hyosung said on the show might not be how things actually are.

Being afraid of the rumors spreading even further, many responded to her tweet and stated that Sunhwa shouldn't post words that might potentially cause discord on her public SNS account.

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