Sunmi chooses Psy's cover dance of "Gashina" as the most impressive

CarI Pak, Jan. 19, 2018, 10:40 a.m.

On January 18, Sunmi held her comeback showcase for her new single album 'Heroine' at the Ramada Seoul Hotel in Gangnam. Her latest single "Heroine" is a follow up to the hit "Gashina" released last August. Despite the fact that it has been five months since the release of 'Gashina', the song is still a huge hit.

When asked what the most impressive/flattering cover dance of "Gashina" was, Sunmi brought up Psy's cover performance.

"I looked up Psy sunbaenim's parody and he wore the exact same attire that I wore; a flower patterned blouse, shorts, and boots."

Sunmi went on, "Especially towards the end when fireworks exploded from his chest was the most memorable. I had a lot of fun promoting 'Gashina' since so many people danced to the song, which was very entertaining to watch," and expressed her gratitude.

Check out Psy's impressive parody from his 'All Night Stand' concert shared below!

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