Sunny and Solji will reveal their tips for secret relationship

Angela Jung, Aug. 10, 2016, 9:37 a.m.

Sunny from K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation and Solji from EXID will be giving out their personal tips for a successful secret relationship on KBS2 variety show “Happy Together” on Thursday. For Thursday’s show, other female K-pop idols including GFriend’s Yerin, Gugudan’s Kim Se-jeong, Melody Day’s Chahee and Laboum’s Solbin will also be on hand.

According to a broadcasting insider, the women disclosed everything they knew about female idols’ secret romances like there was no tomorrow during the shoot. Chahee confessed, “I have had a secret relationship after my debut, it was thrilling and fun.” 

“The partner was someone from the same entertainment field, and we started to grow apart as he started to hit the ground and I felt inferior,” Chahee added, her honesty surprising the other idols, as she even revealed her ex’s name. 

Sunny and Solji, the oldest in the bunch, especially grabbed attention with their tips.

Sunny offered a rather extreme dating method: “If you try to show off, you will get caught. Just date via phone.” On the other hand, Solji offered a more realistic tip: “The agency’s management is the tightest during the first year of debut. From the second year, the agency doesn’t bother and at your third year, you can date.”

KBS2’s show “Happy Together” airs every Thursday at 11:10 p.m. 

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