Sunny and YoonA Go Eat Thai Food for Dinner

Sensitive Artist, April 2, 2014, 11:20 a.m.

Sunny and YoonA of Girls' Generation enjoyed some delicious Thai food during their downtime in Itaewon!

Sunny posted the image on her Instagram on March 31st, with the caption "I was filming and got a break in the middle~ It's been a long time since eating out on a date with YoonA!!♡keke Totally delicious at Suk Chun oppa'srestaurant! Full! Plentiful! Ate... now I have strength go go ssing!! I was starving but now I'm full ;) back to shooting! #myThai#yummy"

Hong Suk Chun commented on his Twitter, "My pretty dongsengs Girls' Generation's Sunny and YoonA. Their massive devouring at My Thai hehe Aren't they so pretty?"

Sunny and YoonA can now have all the food that they want now that they've finally finished their promotional campaign for "Mr.Mr"!

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