Sunny Hill Makes an Appearance in 1theK’s Hashtag Interview

kpride, Dec. 1, 2014, 7:09 p.m.

K pop girl group Sunny Hill is featured in 1theK’s Hashtag Interview.  Sunny Hill  is a South Korean girl group. The members consist of Misung, Jubee, Seung Ah and Kota. From 2007-2011, fans of Sunny Hill were known as 'Sunshines'. Following their rise in popularity, fans voted and had the name officially changed to 'Hiller' (stylized as HːLLЁR).

They just returned with the track "Here I Am", and they got into how member Joobi became the main character for the music video. In the '#hashtag' interview, Sunny Hill reveal who they think is the best baby face in the group, their fortune-telling stories about their marriage, and more.  Check out the video clip and let us know your thoughts!

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